Bishop Clyde Martin Harvey Celebrates 44 years of Priesthood

Today, June 27, 2020, Carlos, Christian and Clyde celebrate 44 years of priesthood.. This year I am spending it quietly at the Marian Shrine at Battle Hill. We did not recognise it then, but it was also the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Both Christian and I went on to serve OLPH as Parish Priest. That parish taught me a lot and shaped my priesthood in significant ways….Keep Reading


Wk 9 Ordinary Time Mark 12.13-17 Sometimes we interpret giving to Caesar what belongs to him and to God what belongs to Him to mean that Caesar and God are competing. Caesar was a mortal man, as of now, no one knows where he is, no one can give him anything now. Meanwhile, we still give God what belongs to Him. Job realized this truth when he said, ‘naked I…Keep Reading

Bishop Clyde Martin Harvey Expresses Solidarity with African Americans

Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of St. George’s in Grenada Bishop Clyde Martin HarveyExpresses Solidarity with African Americans. Listen to me message by clicking this link.


7th week of Eastertide. John 21.20-25 This final statement of St John’s gospel is very important for those who insist that everything must explicitly be stated in the Scriptures. St John made it clear that if all that Jesus did were to be written down, the whole world cannot contain the book. The irony is that those who insist that everything must be written refuse to see that the same…Keep Reading

Bishop Harvey “Can’t Afford To Put All Eggs In Tourism Basket”

Roman Catholic Bishop, Clyde Harvey, says that the Church will be working closely with Government in assisting towards ensuring that the country emerges successfully from the economic challenges currently being presented by the Novel COVID-19 virus. To read the full article click this link

Church Resumes With Bishop On Sister Isles

Emmanuel – God is with us — that’s the spiritual platform on which Bishop of the Roman Catholic, Clyde Harvey, is calling on Parishioners of the sister isles to put their faith and trust during this challenging period of COVID-19. The Bishop conducted service at the Bogles, Hillsborough, Windward and Petit Martinique Churches over the course of last Saturday and Sunday. The Read the full article click this link


Week 7 Easter John 21.15-19 Jesus told Peter to feed His lambs, but before that, He asked him three times, ‘do you love me more than these others?’ What is the connection? Among other things, this connection shows the kind of concern Jesus has for His lambs. What you value so much is normally entrusted to a trustworthy friend who could treat it the way you would yourself. Also, the…Keep Reading


7th week of Eastertide. Jn 17.20-26 This prayer of Jesus is a serious point for Christians of today to look at. The prayer is full of passion, the whole chapter is just about Jesus making a passionate appeal to His Father for His flock. He shows His deepest desire for His Church and prayed earnestly for that. He mentioned the need for unity and being one and He emphasized, ‘MAY…Keep Reading


Sunday 17 May 2020 6th Sunday of Easter. (Acts 8.5-8, 14-17, 1Peter 3.15-18, John 14.15-21) In the gospel today, Jesus promised His disciples that the Holy Spirit, the Advocate will come. He will teach them everything and remind them if they forget. We see the demonstration of the power of the Advocate in the first reading, Philip performed great works in Samaria. There was a harvest of souls who received…Keep Reading

Bishop Harvey addresses hunger post COVID-19

Source: The New Today Newspaper Bishop Clyde Harvey urged Grenadians to start looking ahead and to address some of the burning social issues that came to the forefront in a more fundamental way due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Bishop delivered a deep and moving spiritual address to open the National Day of Thanksgiving declared by government to thank God for his mercies for sparing the island from any deaths…Keep Reading

COVID-19 Protocols – Re-Opening Of Churches

The Government of Grenada has released the COVID-19 Protocols – Re-Opening Of Churches. You can download and read the document.…ning-of-churches/ Watch video on Protocols:


5th week of Eastertide. Jn 15.12-17 There was a video of a man who commissioned himself as a military man and was wearing military uniform. When he was caught by the soldiers, he cried like a baby. Before the discovery, he was moving around intimidating people with the uniform, even if you suspect him as fake, you may still fear him because you are not sure. But, once it was…Keep Reading