Ash Wednesday begins our Lenten Journey

Today, we begin the forty days of Lent which we can interprete as the annual retreat of God’s people in imitation of Jesus’ forty days in the wilderness. May God grant us the wisdom to understand what He ask of us this season of lent and the courage to do them joyfully. May God bless our Lent of 40 days. Happy Ash Wednesday.

Pope Francis: Commit to fraternity every day of the year

Pope Francis, during his weekly General Audience, recalls the first International Day of Human Fraternity, which falls on 4 February. He also announces his participation at a virtual meeting with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, the UN Secretary General and other leaders. By Vatican News staff reporter During his Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis recalled that Thursday, 4 February, marks the first International Day of Human Fraternity. The world day…Keep Reading

5th day within the octave of Christmas PROMPTED BY THE SPIRIT

Jesus was just like any other little baby, in fact He was from a very common family of a poor carpenter. But, Simeon was able to know and see something more than extraordinary entering the temple. He was not even in the temple but he was PROMPTED to go and meet the infant Jesus. There are so many great things around us, a lot of uncommon and extraordinary ideas and…Keep Reading

The Holy Innocents, Martyrs – Feast. HEROD’S FURY/FACTOR

The issue of Herod is a reality we must be conscious of in life. Enemies are real. Threats are real. Sometimes you even have them without knowing. Herod represents evil and wickedness at its peak. People who are threatened by other people’s success, people who are desperate for power and they don’t want any other person to stand except them. That’s not all, they are ready to do anything to…Keep Reading

First Barbadian to be ordained bishop

The Diocese of Bridgetown, Barbados will now have one of its own as bishop as Pope Francis has appointed Fr Neil Sebastian Scantlebury, 55, to become the first Barbadian to be ordained Catholic bishop. The announcement was made Monday, December 28 at noon, Vatican City time (7 a.m. local time). The date of episcopal ordination has already been set: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Bridgetown. March 17…Keep Reading


The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Solemnity. Genesis 3.9-15,20, Ephesians 1.3-6, 11-12, Luke 1. 26-38 No one understands the message of salvation like Mary, mother of Jesus. She was very humble and grateful for the gift of God. When she heard the greetings of the Angel, she was deeply disturbed, ‘what could this greeting mean’, she wondered within herself. Today many of us claim that we are…Keep Reading


Sunday 16 August 2020 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Isaiah 56.1,6-7, Romans 11.13-15,29-32, Matthew 15.21-28. The three readings of today speak in favour of the strangers/foreigners. These strangers are those perceived as being outside the blessings of God. They are the ‘pagans’, ‘unbelievers’, ‘gentiles’ etc. In the first reading, Isaiah prophesied that the holocausts and sacrifices of these strangers will be accepted, they will be made joyful in the house…Keep Reading

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Apocalypse 11-12, 1Corinthians 15.20-26 Luke 1.39-56 AWAY WITH EVERY SOVEREIGNTY We are celebrating the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Some people have problems with celebrating the Mother of Jesus thinking it is all about Her. What we are celebrating today is about the power of God manifested through Jesus Christ. St. Paul stated in the 2nd reading that Jesus will do away with every sovereignty, authority and power, the…Keep Reading


Friday 14 August 2020 Week 19 in Ordinary Time. Mt 19.3-12 There are people who are in the habit of asking wrong questions. Some are in the habit of asking ‘is it a sin?’, if I do that, is it a sin? This is sin mentality. The sin is already around the mind. There are some people who are unmarried but are already angry that there’s no divorce after marriage….Keep Reading


Thursday 13 August 2020 Wk19 Ordinary Time Matthew 18.21-19.1 Jesus put it very strongly that God will not forgive us if we do not forgive. Yet, I know that some people will not even care. We might even say, ‘heavenly Father, you better deal with me because i will never forgive this one.’ A priest approached a church member who belong to an important society in the church and begged…Keep Reading


Wednesday 12 August 2020 Week 19 in Ordinary Time Matthew 18.15-20 Jesus made it clear that if His followers agree on anything, heaven will agree with them. The question is, do we agree? He equally prayed for unity among His followers. The division among us Christians today is a sign that the enemy is at work. Division is a threat to Christian prayers as Jesus mentioned. The power and effectiveness…Keep Reading


Tuesday 11 August 2020 Week 19 in Ordinary Time. Matthew 18.1-5,10, 12-14 Jesus ended His speech by saying, ‘it is never the will of the heavenly Father that one of these little ones be lost’. Sometimes, we can misinterpret the Will of God, we attribute anything that happens to be the will of God. This is a good way of surrendering all to God but it can also have other…Keep Reading