5th day within the octave of Christmas PROMPTED BY THE SPIRIT

Jesus was just like any other little baby, in fact He was from a very common family of a poor carpenter.

But, Simeon was able to know and see something more than extraordinary entering the temple.

He was not even in the temple but he was PROMPTED to go and meet the infant Jesus. There are so many great things around us, a lot of uncommon and extraordinary ideas and visions, but you need the prompting of the Spirit.

This prompting can come as inspiration from a mentor or book, it can come as a dream like that of Joseph. You need to develop your receiver in order to receive uncommon signal.

If your receiver is common and ordinary, you can only receive common signals, even if you see something extraordinary, you will not detect it.

Simeon was not the only one who saw Jesus in the temple,but he recognized Him as the Messiah.

We are surrounded by so many extraordinary and uncommon realities and opportunities, let us pray for divine prompting, uncommon insight, powerful and positive revelations, creative and productive discoveries, deep intuition and powerful receivers of uncommon blessings and great opportunities in Jesus name Amen

Fr. Dan Duru

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