Tuesday 21 April 2020
2nd week of Eastertide. Jn3.7-15
Jesus had an interesting encounter with Nicodemus who was a teacher in Israel. Unfortunately, Nicodemus doesn’t know what being born again means, he even saw it as impossible. Jesus was surprised, ‘you, a teacher in Israel, and you don’t understand earthly things, then what are you teaching your students?

We have a lot of teachers and teachings today, everyone wants to be a teacher and those who suffer are the students who swallow everything from the untaught teachers.

There’s something good about Nicodemus; he was humble, he recognized that he needs to learn in order to teach well, he made serious effort by coming to see Jesus in the night. Today’s teachers are ignorant and arrogant, they know it all. They don’t care about updating their knowledge, research means nothing to them, their position of authority is more important than the value of their service.

They are not open and have no room for objectivity. The greatest teacher should be the greatest learner, once you become too proud to learn, you should stop teaching. The students are the victims and wise students should look at the attitude and motives of their teachers. Don’t be a naive student, if your teacher is not teaching you well and is not humble enough to get better, you better change teacher.

We pray for those who teach, who lead and mentor, that they should be worthy and equipped for their call in Jesus name Amen


Fr. Dan Duru

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