Easter Wednesday. Lk. 24.13-35
It is quite revealing to know that there are levels or types of eyes being open. The physical eyes see a lot but more than a lot are invisible to physical eyes. Perception goes deeper than sensation. Those who live on the level of the senses are shallow and miss a lot of realities. The disciples’ eyes were opened and the same eyes that saw nothing saw something. This is what happens when we encounter the power of God, we are still the same people but with higher perception and deeper insight. Lack of enlightenment can make us unnecessarily angry, worried and frustrated, we feel bad, disappointed, stuck, confused and worried simply because we are either blind or shortsighted. When Jesus opened the eyes of the disciples on the way to Emmaus, their frustrations, fears and confusions were turned into joy and gladness. They even had to end their journey and went back instantly to Jerusalem. The servant of Elisha was afraid of the soldiers surrounding them simply because he couldn’t see the hosts of angels on their side. Enlightenment brings confidence, happiness, power, courage and fulfilment. We must seek to be enlightened by the Lord especially in the Eucharist, we must seek Him with the eyes of faith, it is the eyes of our minds that need enlightenment not the flesh. Happy is one enlightened by Jesus. As we continue to put our trust in the Lord at the Breaking of the Bread and His Word, May He continue to open our eyes and fill us with the joy and power of His presence through Christ our Lord. Amen’A CHRISTIAN IS NOT AN ORDINARY PERSON’ Fr. Dan Duru

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