2nd week of Eastertide. John 3.1-8
Life begins at birth. Our biological life starts from conception and birth. Today, Jesus told Nicodemus about the second birth, birth from above, which is even more serious than the biological birth. In some traditional settings, young men have to be born into adulthood by passing through a tough ritual of initiation. At the end of the rigorous process that last for weeks or months, they become true adults, this marks a new beginning in their lives, there is a remarkable change in them.

In baptism, we are born again to become Christians, since this happens in infancy for some, the Lenten season offers us the opportunity to go through the desert of preparation which end in our Resurrection with Christ on Easter. This is very important because every birth requires a period of preparation, if the preparation is not well done, the new baby may be unhealthy, and may not function well. It is not for nothing that some babies have to stay in the incubator after birth, this is to prepare them to be biologically fit for the biological birth. To be born from above requires even more preparation. It requires a process of development, nurturing, formation, discipline and incubation. Trying to escape or avoid the preparation can lead to premature birth.

This is why we should continue to evaluate ourselves and nurture the gift of our rebirth constantly. Even after staying with His Apostles for three years on earth, Jesus had to tell them to wait and prepare for the coming of the Holy Spirit, He even warned them not to go anywhere until the Holy Spirit comes to equip them, and complete the preparations. Sometimes, we often take it for granted, thinking it ends with pouring of water on our heads. We must continue to strengthen and nurture the gift of our faith and it is not an easy task. When we are fully nurtured and prepared, the result is clear, what is born from above cannot be compared to what is born below.

May the birth we received from above set us up for the things above, May it set us up for excellence and greatness through Christ our Lord Amen


Fr. Dan Duru

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