Wednesday 12 August 2020
Week 19 in Ordinary Time Matthew 18.15-20

Jesus made it clear that if His followers agree on anything, heaven will agree with them. The question is, do we agree? He equally prayed for unity among His followers.

The division among us Christians today is a sign that the enemy is at work. Division is a threat to Christian prayers as Jesus mentioned.

The power and effectiveness of unity cannot be overemphasized.

It is not also easy to be united at all times and in all things. We should not be discouraged by the efforts of the enemy to divide and rule. We should rather strive and work for unity.

There has always been problems and challenges among Christians, there will always be.

We are only expected to be more united in solving problems and waging war against our common foes.

The more united we are, the more effective and efficient our message and prayers.

It is a scandal that people of the world and unbelievers are often more united in their affairs than we calling ourselves believers.

Unity is one of the characters we should not be in a haste to compromise as Christians.

There is more need today than ever for Christians to be united against the enemies of the Way which are increasing in number, tactics and ferocity.

Unity of purpose enhanced by focused and quality leadership is very essential in our present days’ struggle.

May the Lord Who is always faithful and caring nurture these characters in us through Christ our Lord Amen


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