Congratulations to Father Gerard Paul as he Celebrates His 25th Anniversary

On October 30,
Father Gerard Paul celebrated his 25th anniversary since his ordination to the priesthood. He describes this journey as a “fulfilling and interesting experience”.
We have come to know Fr. Gerry as “a man of the people” who has his own unique way of addressing issues. He says, “my way of working is very grass root”; he always bears in mind the words of Jesus, “I know my sheep and my sheep know me”. His love for people, as well as his zeal for working with people, has led him to have valuable relationships with, not just his parishioners but with those in the wider community. In fact, he recalls that when he was parish priest in the parish of the Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph for many years, he visited the homes not just of Catholics but people of every belief, and found the whole experience to be greatly rewarding.
Some describe him as one who is very candid, one who is not afraid to express a view even if it may be unpopular. A former parishioner opines that Fr. Gerry’s candour definitely demonstrates fortitude, an attribute which is vital for the healthy growth of both Church and the rest of society.
Father Gerry is a man of many interests. He enjoys farming, and he also manages a diagnostic centre, which he sees as quite interesting. Additionally, he believes that we must find more creative ways in dealing with challenges; he embraces finding new ways of solving old problems. He says that “the wonderful thing about being a priest is that it does not limit you”, and as long as “you live an authentic life, you will
find fulfilment”.

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