Deacon Johnson Releases New Math Book

Raphael “Croqueta” Johnson – deacon, calypsonian, teacher – has written a Math book for the secondary level. The book “CSEC Mathematics” was launched in Antigua, during a Collins regional Conference in November 2019.

This book was produced in response to the poor performance of students writing the CXC Mathematics examinations. (Over the last four years, the regional pass rate was 50% and the local pass rate was 40%).
The book contains many unique features, not seen in other Math books.

Some unique features are:
(1) spiral curriculum approach (earlier topics revisited and revised at a higher level);

(2) real life application of Math (the use of Math in everyday life – a source of motivation);

(3) varied exercises (the math concept is explained/assessed from different perspectives to promote a more comprehensive understanding);

(4) special comment boxes containing the following items: (i) did you know?
(ii) definition of key terms
(iii) hints and tips
(iv) important formulae
(v) reminders (increasing student interest in Math);

(5) guidance on the use of the calculator (students can practise the commonly used keys as well as the rarely used functions to facilitate computation exercises);

(6) guidance and reminders for teachers: – use of teaching aids etc., how to teach problem solving skills.; how to prepare students for the Math investigation question. The language is simple and friendly so that students can even use the text on their own to teach themselves.

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