Week 7 Easter John 21.15-19
Jesus told Peter to feed His lambs, but before that, He asked him three times, ‘do you love me more than these others?’ What is the connection? Among other things, this connection shows the kind of concern Jesus has for His lambs. What you value so much is normally entrusted to a trustworthy friend who could treat it the way you would yourself. Also, the repetition of the statement for three times demonstrates its seriousness. I am sure Peter never forgot this question and answer till his death.

Jesus also concluded by letting Peter know that this would not be an easy task. Love is a powerful passion, when you love something, you can give all you have got without complaining, where there’s no love, even to do a little thing becomes a burden. This is why one of the easiest way to success is to do what you love or love what you are doing, either way, you will have a great result. Many times we waste time and energy because we have not found what we love and we refuse to bring love into what we are doing.

We have not gotten the courage to find what we love, yet we are not flexible enough to change our hateful attitude; we grumble about our works, colleagues, partners, friends, vocations, etc, yet we lack the courage to quit. Peter’s love for Jesus made him a successful and excellent shepherd of His lambs. He might not be the smartest or strongest of the disciples, but he had more love.

May the Lord help us to bring love to what we do, to our families and our vocations and missions in life through Christ our Lord. Amen


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