Monday 27 April 2020
3rd week of Eastertide. Jn 6.22-29
Everything in life has value but, people attach different values to different things. Some people value money more than their lives, we have heard of people who kill their relatives for money, we have also heard of people who sold everything to save the lives of their relatives. People fight everyday for different interests, some of these interests have no values but not for those who fight over them.

In the gospel, we saw people struggling to see Jesus but their interest was not the more important things that Jesus was giving but the less important. Jesus had to direct them to seek the food with greater value, but the dialogue ended badly; they don’t want the food of eternal life. Most failures in life are results of misplaced values, wrong priorities. We sacrifice long term goals for short term goals, enduring satisfaction for temporary and immediate satisfaction. We put selfish interest above common interests.

Jesus calls us to look at the higher values, bigger pictures, eternal values, and to utilize our energy and talents effectively for valuable things, for things that really matter. May the Lord give us the wisdom to know the value of things and focus on the lasting food through Christ our Lord.


Fr. Dan Duru

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