Week 14 in Ordinary Time. Matthew 10.1-7
A little girl was given permission by the teacher to go home, when the teacher realized there was an error, she tried to call the girl back but the little girl said, permission is permission, I’m not coming back.

Authority is more than permission. Jesus gave His disciples authority over unclean spirits, with power to cast them out. This gift of authority and power remains with the Christians.

If we are not aware of the authority we have, we will not use it. Someone could even use our authority against us if we are not aware of it. The major problem of some of us Christians is that we don’t know what we possess. Authority is meant to be utilized and demonstrated, if you are not in control, you are under control. Fear and lack of character can make it difficult for us to exercise our authority.

Those who understand the meaning of power and authority either use it or abuse it, those who don’t understand are either being used or being abused. If you see yourself being used or being abused, it is either because you are without power and authority or you are not aware you have them. It is as simple as that.

I remind us today that we have been given authority and power, we are not meant to be used and abused, we have been sent to proclaim a kingdom, a slave does not proclaim a kingdom, neither does a victim. We are in charge of Divine territory, May we receive the awareness, character, faith and attitude of the kingdom to exercise our authority and power through Christ our Lord


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