Demons have levels, imagine this demon terrorising the disciples. The disciples might have been dealing with other demons but this one was too stubborn, they have tried everything but no way.

The father of the possessed boy was disappointed; his son was in a very wretched state, Jesus was also disappointed with the disciples, and fortunately He settled the matter.

I just wonder what would have happened if He didn’t solve the problem. What the disciples did next is very important; they went to Him in private consultations. They asked Him why they were unable to cast out the demons.

There are times we are confronted with a difficult situation as happened to the disciples, we try all we can, no way, some people resort to all kinds of things like denials, pretence, deceptions etc, but the truth is that some problems are just overwhelming, even demons get levels, in such a situation, if your best doesn’t work, you need to consult the Master, consult Jesus, consult those stronger than you, ask questions, don’t pretend you can handle every situation, tell yourself the truth, and above all be ready to learn, after this event, the disciples graduated.

May you be equipped with more power and authority, may no problem or challenge pull you down, in the face of a difficult situation, let the Master appear to support and defend you in Jesus name Amen


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