Holy Saturday
Thinking of the importance of this Saturday that led to Easter Sunday, Thursday was the Supper, Friday the Lord was sacrificed, this Saturday was actually blank, nothing really happened. Jesus had been buried, the Jews were happy, they have dealt with Him and finished His case. It represents those moments of total loss of hope when you really have nothing to hold onto. It just seems that your enemies have won, you have lost it all. As from Holy Monday till Saturday, Jesus was still being seen, people like John who were present at Calvary might even hope that He would rise up on that Friday just as He raised Lazarus or actually came down from the cross miraculously. But, after watching Him being laid in the grave and nothing happened, they must have woken up on this Saturday to feel a deep sense of vacuum, deep sense of loss; it dawned on them that it was not a dream, for the first time, Jesus was nowhere to be seen. This Saturday morning represents those moments the enemy tells you that there’s no more hope, you look into an empty space as if you are seeing a ghost, despair and anguish fill the air. The only thing that sustain people beyond this Saturday is the leap of faith, assurance of hope and character, if you don’t have enough reserve or support from others, the worst could happen, this is where people commit suicide whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually, they get frustrated, they quit! they break! This is where people lose faith in God and man and lock up totally, they agree with Nietzsche here that God is dead and even buried. May you have enough power, energy, character, and dogged faith to survive the reality of this ‘Saturday’, may you have the spiritual and mental power to hold on and pull through, May life’s challenges and difficulties never break your faith and positivity. May you experience the wonderful and powerful light and glorious alleluia that will definitely and necessarily follow it in Jesus name Amen
Fr. Dan Duru

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