5th week of Eastertide. Jn 15.12-17
There was a video of a man who commissioned himself as a military man and was wearing military uniform. When he was caught by the soldiers, he cried like a baby. Before the discovery, he was moving around intimidating people with the uniform, even if you suspect him as fake, you may still fear him because you are not sure.

But, once it was discovered that he was fake, all the fear disappeared. Military people are feared because they are commissioned, they have legal authority and power.

Being commissioned by Jesus means that we have a legal backing and a valid authority behind us. When we fear, it is either because we are not sure if we are commissioned, or we are not wearing our uniforms. Before commissioning His disciples, Jesus trained them for three years. Some of us make a mess of the ministry because we refuse to receive training and jump into the field.

Even if we have the commissioning, lack of training might compromise our mission. The Lord has enlisted us in His league, He trains us for battle and commissions us to bear fruit of victory, success, greatness, love, freedom, compassion, liberation, etc.

May we always experience His authority and support in every situation through Christ our Lord. Amen


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