Thursday 7 May 2020
4th week of Eastertide John 13.16-20
Jesus made a hypothetical statement, ‘happiness will be yours if you behave accordingly’. Many people take Biblical statements and promises without regard to the law of consequences. This statement is built on the law of cause and effect, this will happen if and only if that happens. How can you consciously drive a car without brakes and rely upon Psalms 91 to see you through?

Some people will tell you, ‘the Bible says, happiness will be yours’, but they will not tell you that the Bible gave a condition for that happiness. Sometimes, we see a lot of irresponsibility being packaged as spirituality. No planning, no commitment, no struggle, no thinking, no creativity, no character, no focus, no careful study of things, the only thing you have is a sticker saying, ‘I will make it in Jesus name’, Jesus Himself did not make it that way. The promises of God are sure, happiness will be yours, success, progress, prosperity, good health, eternal life, etc will be yours if you behave accordingly.

May the Lord help us to behave accordingly and enjoy the fulfillment of His promises in our lives through Christ our Lord. Amen


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