Easter Friday. Jn 21.1-14
During the burial of one wicked man, the weather changed and thunder started striking, the dead man’s son whispered to the priest, ‘Fr, please do fast, I know my father, he might be up to something very mischievous’ The son said that with the full conviction that though dead, the spirit of the dad is still evil and must be responsible for the bad weather even on his burial day. When Peter and John were told by the stranger at the sea to put their net for a catch, they obeyed and netted a huge number of fish. Immediately, John said, ‘it is the Lord’. This is because they know what the Lord does. They didn’t have to guess, Peter jumped into the water immediately towards the stranger, and, yes, they were right, it was the Lord Jesus. What are you known for? What is your trade mark? What is so popular about you that even in the dark, people will still say, ‘it is him or her’. If there’s nothing to identify you with, then you are dangerously anonymous, what belongs to you can be given to another and vice versa. Jesus calls us to be identified by Him, His character and attitude, ‘by this people will know that you are my disciples… ‘May He make us radically His own in words and actions through Christ our Lord. Amen’A CHRISTIAN IS NOT AN ORDINARY PERSON’
Fr. Dan Duru

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