Week 14 in Ordinary Time
Matthew 10.7-15
Jesus gave important instructions to His disciples; proclaim the kingdom, cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out the demons. These were the very things Jesus Himself did while on earth. A Christian is another Christ.

We have been given the mission to proclaim the kingdom of God, healing, raising the dead, casting out devils. He added, ‘give without charge’. We are meant therefore to be givers, givers of healing, deliverance, kingdom message, etc. There are so many sickness and demons; spiritual, economics, physical and social and political sicknesses and demons. Everyone of us is charged with the ministry of healing the society and getting rid of sicknesses and demons.

Some people have become perpetual receivers, all their lives is about receiving and receiving. If we leave the job of healing and deliverance to few men and women of God, it will be a very difficult task. Wherever we find ourselves as Christians, we should make sure we are agents of healing and deliverance. Our kind words, generosity and care can bring healing and deliverance in so many ways. We don’t necessarily need to mount canopy, stages and programs before we give what we have as Christians.

Christian mission and ministry is not necessarily a public performance or show. May we be filled with the Spirit of Christ to bring healing, deliverance and the message of the kingdom wherever we go through Christ our Lord

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