It is not for nothing that this week is called Holy. This week is like the period the father of the house is facing a sure death. He gathers his children and begins to tell them important things. It is a very solemn period; even the wayward children do comport themselves during this time. Only Jesus knew for sure how serious it was, people like Peter and the rest of the disciples did not understand. Jesus was troubled in the spirit, something unusual in His life; one of His own disciples was already planning to betray Him, and all the warnings could not change his hardened and treacherous heart. In order to make Jesus feel better, Peter made a promise without knowing the implications. ‘I will lay down my life for you’, Peter said. Laying down life is not a child’s play. It is not something you wake up and run into. A certain man told an armed robber pointing gun at him, ‘sir, with that thing you are holding, I’m a woman’. What makes it difficult in the case of Jesus was that He has the power to say no. It was a complete freewill donation; His life was not taken away from Him, HE LAID IT DOWN. This is why He is both the Priest and the Victim both on the Cross and on the altar. Even the martyrs laid down their lives not for Christ but for the sake of Christ; they didn’t die to save Jesus, Jesus died to save them. May we prepare ourselves to adore and appreciate the One Who laid down His life for us, the One Who gave it all, and may we learn to lay down whatever we can for the sake of others in Jesus name Amen

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