7th week of Eastertide. John 21.20-25
This final statement of St John’s gospel is very important for those who insist that everything must explicitly be stated in the Scriptures. St John made it clear that if all that Jesus did were to be written down, the whole world cannot contain the book.

The irony is that those who insist that everything must be written refuse to see that the same Scripture says that everything is not written, not because those things not written are not important but it would be almost impossible to write down everything. The Bible is the word of God in human language.

Today a lot of people are being deceived using the Bible, everyone feels he/she is an authority of biblical interpretation. St Peter warned against this, 2Pt. 1.20-21. The Scribes and Pharisees knew the scriptures very well, yet when Jesus appeared, they couldn’t recognize Him. They even persecuted and killed Him.

The Ethiopian Eunuch read the Bible but needed Philip to explain to him. The confusion of of faith today is because everyone wants to be a teacher, minister, prophet, etc. It was never like that before. Faith, righteousness and salvation is purpose of the Scripture.

May the Lord give us the humility to accept our limitations and be open to the truth that sets free in Jesus name Amen


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