Imagine someone who has prepared to betray you asking you this kind of question, not I surely? David said in his Psalm, ‘if this had been done by an enemy, I could have borne it’. Imagine what happened to Julius Caesar that made him say, ‘et tu Brute’ you too, Brutus? Nothing is as deadly as the words of a betrayer. The peak of Achebe’s Things Fall Apart for me was when Ikemefuna was running to Okonkwo whom he called father, only for Okonkwo to stab him. Judas committed suicide, so did Okonkwo and Brutus. There are levels of betrayal; people tell you yes and mean no, people praise you before you and stab you at back, people tell you you are the only one while you are not one of them. But, what led Judas to betraying his master to death? Was it just love of money that killed his conscience to the point of betraying an innocent man to death? What made him lose focus, faith, trust and love for Christ to the point of death? These questions are not for Judas but for us. Sometimes, we come to follow the Lord and then get interested in other things we find in the house of the Lord like money, titles, positions, comfort, pleasures, etc. Sometimes we get so carried away by them that we destroy the very work and the owner of the work. I have seen a case where people were ready to poison others to death because of positions of leadership in the house of the Lord. And we do so many other things like this. Yes, we do. May the Lord bring us back, May the appeals of His Words and Mercy never allow us to go the way of Judas, May the Living Water melt our hearts of stone in Jesus name Amen
Fr. Dan Duru

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