Divine Mercy Sunday
Acts 2.42-47, 1Peter 1.3-9, John 20.19-31
Jesus finished His work on earth and ascended to the Father. But that is actually the beginning of His work on earth. In the first reading, we see that the same story of Jesus, had become the story of the believers, so many signs and wonders were worked in their hands, the sick and those possessed by demons were all cured and delivered.

These works done through the Apostles made deep impression upon the people. Not only the miracles, their attitude and lifestyle attracted people to them; they shared what they had GLADLY with each others, they were united in mind and heart. People looked up to them as model. To make sure that the work of saving humanity did not come to an end, John wrote in the gospel, these were recorded so that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ and the Son of God, and by believing you will be saved. So it is still the same business of saving man. Peter talked about the Mercy of God Who has given us a new birth in Christ.

This new birth comes through faith; ‘you did not see Him, yet you believe in Him’. That faith is necessary for salvation and peace. You can see that Jesus had to appear for the second Sunday simply to convince Thomas, to break his doubts and unbelief. In that second appearance, immediately Jesus came in, He went straight to Thomas whose unbelief had kept outside the fellowship of his brothers, He even had to make him put his fingers in the holes made by the nails and spear, something He never did for any other person. This is to bring Thomas to believe and be saved. His Merciful Heart could not bear seeing Thomas destroyed by the demons of unbelief and doubt. Thomas was the first to call Him ‘my Lord and my God’. Work done! And He added to him, blessed are those who did not see yet believe.

This is because, He knows that many people will only hear and read what was written down. The work of Jesus is clear, you see it in His appearances, ‘peace be with you, it is I, do not be afraid, believe and stop doubting’. The work of the enemy is also very clear; fear, confusion, doubt, division, break up. This is the tool he is using today, Christian faith is being challenged seriously both from inside and out, the goal is simple and clear; ‘frighten them, divide them, confuse them, break their faith’. Fear and doubts weakens and paralyzes.

In all these, Jesus says to us, ‘peace, it is I, do not be afraid, only believe that I am the Christ, the Son of God, the First and the Last, I live forever and so will you’. We have nothing to fear, be confident, believe it, the Spirit of Jesus is living in you, He breathed it into you, ‘as the Father sent Me, so I am sending you’.

Timidity and confusion is not our portion. We are saved by Powerful and Merciful Saviour, there’s nothing the enemy can do about it. May the Merciful Saviour, Who continues to pour out His Blood and Water fill us with power and glory, let the Ocean of His Mercy fill our lives with signs and wonders, protection and immunity from all dangers and evil, grace to do exploits through Christ our Lord Amen. It is all about Merciful Jesus

Fr. Dan Duru

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