Saturday 9 May 2020
4th week of Eastertide Acts13.44-52
The Jews opposed the word of God because of jealousy. Yes, jealousy, anger, envy, and other passions can blind us to the truth. They can make us rebel and resist the truth that can set us free. These sentiments and passions play a lot of destructive roles where people have not grown to a certain level of maturity and discipline. Check out our political system, anything done by one party is evil, even if it will save the nation, the other party will never acknowledge it.

This is equally applicable to churches, some churches hate others to the extent that they are ready to delete any part of the Bible that supports their doctrines. This can make them misinterpret and misquote scriptures because of human sentiments. Nations and society are destroyed because of these sentiments of jealousy, pride, envy, anger, etc. A lot of people are deceived and led astray because of this. Today’s reading calls us to spiritual maturity. It takes maturity to accept the truth where it might be found. Spiritual growth and advancement is more important than religious growth.

May God give us the wisdom, humility and maturity to search and accept the truth where it might be found and no matter what we might lose, the Holy Spirit is the Advocate in Jesus name Amen


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