5th week of Eastertide Jn 15.1-8
This gospel demonstrates in a very dramatic way that we are here to bear fruits. Jesus is the true vine and we are the branches. For us there are two options; bear fruit or be cut off. If you are bearing fruit, you are pruned to bear more. If you are cut off, then you dry up and get burnt up.

Our focus is on bearing more fruits, allowing the Father to prune us by His Words and Grace. Events of our lives, our experiences, our studies, etc are meant to prune us, to prepare us to bear more fruits. Nothing happens in our lives for nothing. If you are part of the True Vine, everything that happens in your life is meant to build you up, strengthen you, equip you for more fruit bearing.

If you are promoted, healed, favoured, supported, restored, enlightened, etc, it is to enable you to do more good. One of my formators said that the reward for work well done is more work. You must see the hand of God in your life as He prunes you for greater exploits. There is no stagnation, backwardness, passivity in the life of a Christian.

The Spirit in you is a living force not a dead thing. May the Lord prune us and support us to bear greater and more excellent fruit in all our endeavors through Christ our Lord. Amen


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