5th week of Eastertide Jn 15.9-11
Jesus equated loving Him with keeping His commandments. Thus, remaining in His love is to remain obedient to His commandments. This means that it is a lifestyle and not a one time event. It calls for loyalty and commitment. It calls for faithlessness and singleness of mind. We are like people married to Christ.

This means that the love of Christ guides us always and everywhere. In a world where faithlessness is not common this becomes a challenge. In a world ruled by pride and self interests it becomes a very hard work, but love endures all things and makes difficult things easy. He loved us first even when we were unlovable. It is not as if we are better than Jesus or deserve His love. We must see it as a favor and not a merit.

There are so many things drawing our hearts but wisdom is the ability to discern what is more important and more beneficial to us on the longest run. May the Holy Spirit give us the wisdom to choose the love of Christ above all else and to remain in this love by obeying Him in all things.

May this love bear fruit in us and through us through Christ our Lord Amen.


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