Easter Sunday. Acts. 10.34-43, Col 3.1-4, John 20.1-9
Alleluia! Christ is risen. And it did not end there, the message started spreading like a mere rumor, doubted even by the Apostles themselves. Now, the message was accompanied by the power, those who believe and assimilated It, were filled with power and authority. Peter brought the message into the house of Cornelius, the atmosphere was changed. He took it to the lame man at the Beautiful Gate, the atmosphere was changed. Paul encountered the message on the way to Damascus, the atmosphere was changed. The resurrection message is different from the resurrection power. The message activates the power in those who believe and are prepared. The Pharisees heard the message and boycotted it. The whole world is celebrating the message but only those who believe and accept the message will experience the power. There are people who know a lot about hope, but they are still living in despair, you might know that God is your Father and all powerful but you are still living in timidity and bondage of fear, you have the message but not the power. The resurrection power is operational, active, alive, functional, practical, dynamic. It is not a static or bookish theory. The resurrection power influences your faith, character, attitude, emotions, work, business, relationship, health, perspective, etc. Resurrection is not a history of the past, it is a reality that is beyond the present, beyond time and space. Those who have both the message and power feel an overwhelming inner sense of power and confidence even in the midst of turmoil and danger. You cannot experience this power and remain the same. Everyone will hear the message, those who are prepared will experience and carry the power. May the message of the Resurrection lead us to experience the power that destroyed death, shame, torture, grave, pains, despair, sorrow, darkness and evil. May this power fill our atmosphere with glory and power, and destroy any message and power of death around us and our families in Jesus name Amen. Happy Easter! Happy New Life!! Christus Vincit!!!’A CHRISTIAN IS NOT AN ORDINARY PERSON’

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