We have decided on a new VOCATION AND MISSION STATEMENT for the diocese
out of our experience of the past two years and especially last year’s Mission Month in
October. It reads:
We, the Roman Catholic Church in the diocese of St. George’s-in-Grenada, are a
Christian Community in communion with Peter, baptized and sent to live the
Gospel as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ. In our diocese, parishes, families
and institutions, we will always seek to live Church, build community and serve
Every Lent we remind ourselves that we are BAPTIZED AND SENT. Grenada has
changed the dates of its Carnival celebrations so we do not have to link Carnival and
Lent as in Trinidad, Brazil and Europe. We have now to be even more conscious of the
reason for Lent. It is the prelude to our celebration of Easter, a time when we prepare
to renew our baptismal promises, to claim again our vocation in the world as missionary
disciples of Jesus Christ.
Our Lenten penances, our prayers, almsgiving and fasting must all be seen in this light.
Am I simply practicing these disciplines to get grace, to somehow get God to do what I
want? Or am I sincerely asking God to once more take me in his potter’s hands and
mould me into the image of Jesus the Son? Am I willing this Easter to truly renew my
baptismal promises and to be sent into the world as missionary disciples of Jesus
Pope Francis in his Lenten message 2020 reminds us that “what truly matters in God’s
eyes is that (our prayer) penetrates deep within us and chips away at our hardness of
heart, in order to convert us ever more fully to God and to his will.” He prays that we
may not “let this time of grace pass in vain, in the foolish illusion that we can control the
times and means of our conversion to him.”
Whatever we do for Lent this year, may we come to Easter as “converts” -persons
changed in mind and heart, full of enthusiasm for God, God’s reign, God’s purpose
unfolding and fulfilled in our lives as Church and as individual persons. HAPPY LENT!!!

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