7th week of Eastertide. Jn 17.20-26
This prayer of Jesus is a serious point for Christians of today to look at. The prayer is full of passion, the whole chapter is just about Jesus making a passionate appeal to His Father for His flock. He shows His deepest desire for His Church and prayed earnestly for that. He mentioned the need for unity and being one and He emphasized, ‘MAY THEY BE SO COMPLETELY ONE’.

This prayer challenges church leaders of today, if you are not interested in Christian unity, maybe you need to rethink. It is a scandal when Christian churches fight each others over issues that are so unimportant that you begin to wonder why they should divide us. Nations of the world are made up of people from different tribes, beliefs, and cultures, yet they coexist and love themselves. Why then should Christians hate themselves and minister against themselves.

It is a sign that we are lacking maturity and the true Spirit of Christ. Jesus made unity a kind of trade mark; ‘so that the world would know that I sent them’. If we do not value Christian unity, we can as well question whom we are working for, who really sent us.

May this prayer of Jesus be a call to us Christians to pray and work harder towards a united family of Christian bearing more powerful witness in the world through Christ our Lord. Amen

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