Statement to the Catholic Community of the Diocese of St. George’s-in-Grenada By Archbishop Gabriel Malzaire


May 03, 2024

I have concluded my visit to Grenada and have acted on my commitment to “urgently hear and
consider any objections which Father Gerard Paul may wish to make concerning his suspension
or any complaints against his bishop”.
In an effort to ensure that my deliberations were inclusive and cognisant of all perspectives, I met
with several persons and groups including Bishop Clyde Harvey, Father Gerard Paul, the Clergy of
the Diocese of St. George’s-in-Grenada, the parishioners of the Holy Family Parish in River Sallee
and the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother at Mount St. Ervan’s.
I have listened carefully and prayerfully to come to a fuller understanding of all the apparent as
well as the underlying issues. I have also had to take into consideration antecedents that are
reflective of the current impasse. Importantly, my deliberations were guided by the existing rules
and principles that guide Right Order within the Church, in addressing matters such as those
faced by the Church in Grenada today.
It is clear that we have a Church in pain and that there are different opinions on how we should
relate to the matter and persons involved in the matter. Bishop Harvey is well respected for his
wisdom and is highly-regarded regionally for his years of work in social justice. He has also
embraced the challenges faced in establishing the appropriate mechanisms for rebuilding a
Church and clergy, united by love, the gospel and canon law. Father Gerard is a much-loved
parish priest and has done commendable work in building a community of the faithful and in
bringing needed attention to social ills. The parishioners of River Sallee have also suffered much
and that must not be ignored.
All things considered, it is my determination, that like any other credible institution with a long
history such as ours, we must stand by what makes us “One holy Catholic and apostolic Church’.
In this regard, we must uphold Right Order in how we work together, how we uphold promises
and vows, and how we correct each other. The suspension of Father Paul from priestly and
administrative duties is therefore upheld.
I have recommended that Father Gerard gives serious consideration to the effect of his actions
on the Church in general, that he humbly complies with the Bishop’s decree regarding his
suspension from ministerial duties, and that he also complies with the special and personal
requirements which have been made of him as a precondition to being reinstated into the
ministry of the Church.
The leadership of the Diocese extends fraternal love and support to Father Gerard Paul and will
provide all the necessary help he needs to ensure that he is able to complete the requirements
for reinstatement. This we consider will occur in the privacy and confines of the Church as
I ask that we all act with obedience and humility in recognising that the authority of the Church
has spoken and that we now work together to foster healing among our Church community, as
well as healing for our priests and sisters and laity who have experienced much trauma during
this trying period.
I ask everyone to respect the privacy of Fr. Gerry and Bishop Harvey during this time of healing
and to desist from bringing further scandal to the Church by what we say and do.
Yours in Christ,
Archbishop Gabriel Malzaire
Metropolitan Archbishop Of Castries

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