Easter Monday. Mt28.8-15
A rumor is a news that is not yet confirmed. Once it is confirmed, it is no longer a rumor but a news. People will always caution against carrying rumors, but it’s almost impossible to stop rumors. Every story or news begins as a rumor. If it’s a rumor with negative contents, people pray and wish it remains a rumor and fake news. If it is with positive contents, people pray and wish it becomes a real news and story. There are people who don’t even differentiate between a news and a rumor. They have no time to confirm a rumor, every rumor is news for them and they spread them with immediate effect. However, serious people, will always try to confirm and be sure before spreading a rumor. Jesus’ resurrection started like a rumor to His disciples after the women came back from the grave. Of course rumors carried by women are oftentimes not given serious attention but when something great is in the rumor, people will not ignore them. That rumor is what we are celebrating today, it has become not just a news but the Good News, a powerful News, transforming people and nations, bringing life and light, empowering people and liberating those in bondage, May the power of this NEWS continue to work signs and wonders in our lives, families and in the world in Jesus name Amen

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