The Transfiguration of the Lord – Feast

Dn7. 9-14, 2Pt1.16-19, Matthew 17.1-9

The word dazzling best describes the experience of the Transfiguration. It is experience that is better encountered than described.

In the first reading, Daniel tried to describe this kind of transfiguring experience just as Peter tried to describe their own on the mountain.

Dazzling means extreme, astonishing, incomparable, excitement, highly impressive and overpowering.

A dazzling light instead of making you to see, blinds you. A dazzling white is a white of sublime Majesty, honor, glory, beyond the power of the senses.

We can only understand the reality of Transfiguration if we have experienced something that overpowered us and blinds our normal perception.

It is a real experience and not cleverly invented myth as St Peter clarified in the second reading. It is also a privilege given to the few so that others will receive it in faith.

St. Matthew who described it in the gospel was not among the privileged three Apostles who experienced it live on the mountain.

We all can experience the deeper and spiritual transfiguration which is possible through faith encounter with the glory, honor and sublime Majesty of God. Jesus told Martha in John 11.40, ‘if you believe, you will see the glory of God’, May we experience that mountain glory that transforms everything into glory, honor, and power.

May our faith take us beyond the mountains and fill every aspect of our lives with Divine impression and power that will dazzle every trouble and evil threatening us through Christ our Lord Amen.


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