Easter Thursday. Lk 24.35-48
When Jesus appeared again to His disciples after resurrection, they were over joyed, they could not believe it, despite the fact that they have seen Him before. Jesus had to appear again and again. This shows that all the time Jesus was talking about His death and resurrection, they never understood Him. Certain realities are not common, when Jesus rose from the dead, He didn’t go round showing Himself to everyone, He showed Himself to those who believed in Him while He was still in the flesh. There are certain realities we will never experience unless we are prepared for it. There are certain level we can never reach in life unless we are prepared for it. This is why we should continue to make ourselves better everyday, don’t ever settle in life, keep striving, keep priming and pruning yourself for greater, higher and deeper realities. Everyday is a new day and there’s a greater, higher, and deeper realities waiting for us to unravel them. There are greater joy, deeper peace, higher glory, greater power, abilities and potentialities still hidden in us and waiting for you to attain them. It’s not yet over, resurrection is a lifestyle and daily experience. May you experience something new, joyful and powerful today and always in Jesus name Amen

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