Week 2 Eastertide John 6.1-5
after the miracle of feeding the 4,000, the people confirmed that Jesus was a prophet, they even wanted to make Him a king by force but He withdrew to the Mountains. Why would Jesus withdraw from people who believe in Him and were ready to serve Him? This event shows that Jesus knew His mission goes beyond being recognized as a prophet.

He said to the Pharisees, ‘when I am lifted up, you will know that I’m He’. He never wanted a little success to get in the way of the bigger picture. He knew that His destiny and glory would come through the Cross. It was because He humbled Himself to death on a cross that made Him get a Name above all names. The miracles were not enough to confirm Him a Savior, He was not just a prophet but a Redeemer.

Many times, we allow little success to get in the way of our glory, we are carried away by small success and praises and we lose sight of the bigger picture. We get lost in people’s admiration and begin to drift along, to do show, shallowness takes over, folly and vanity begin to control our lives and we lose touch with reality.

May the Lord keep us ever conscious of the destiny and glory that lies ahead and save us from the deception of vanities and follies in Jesus name Amen


Fr. Dan Duru

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