Thursday 13 August 2020
Wk19 Ordinary Time Matthew 18.21-19.1

Jesus put it very strongly that God will not forgive us if we do not forgive.

Yet, I know that some people will not even care. We might even say, ‘heavenly Father, you better deal with me because i will never forgive this one.’

A priest approached a church member who belong to an important society in the church and begged her to forgive her daughter in law who did nothing serious to her. She refused.

He was surprised that she could refuse even when a priest was begging her.

He reminded her that he had come to intercede for her daughter in law as a bridge to soften her heart. She then told the priest that even if the Pope comes, she would not forgive.

The next day during communion she came to the altar and received the Body of Christ. This is how you know that some of us who go to church are not ready to practise Christianity.

Forgiveness will always be difficult especially when something serious is involved, but we must learn to give peace a chance, we must learn to accept when people come in to help our weakness.

It is not our weakness that matter but our refusal to accept the help being offered us show that we are hardening our hearts.

May the word of God soften us everyday and make our hearts full of love and peace through Christ our Lord Amen


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