5th week of Eastertide Jn 14.21-26
The promise of the Lord to those who love Him is amazing, He did not say, ‘they shall come to Us’, but, We shall come to him/her. This coming is a great consolation; when God comes to you, He comes with His signs and wonders, everyone around you will surely know that the Lord has visited you. When Jesus came to Peter on the sea, He changed his whole life, when God came to Elizabeth and Hannah, their years of sorrow and shame ended. When He came to the wedding feast in Galilee, He brought a wine full of good taste.

What He needs is our love shown by keeping His commandments, if we remain in this love, God will not fail us, He will surely come, He will show Himself. And when He comes, it will be known, things will never be the same. Do not give up hope, do not begin to doubt, do not allow bitterness and frustration to creep in, do not listen to the voice of the enemy, the destroyer, the deceiver. Let this promise of the Unfailing Father keep you strong and focused, at the appropriate time, if you keep the faith, you will see the glory of the Living God.

May the Lord fulfil His promises in our lives and turn every test and trials into testimonies and triumphs in Jesus name Amen


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