Easter Tuesday. Jn 20.11-18
That was Jesus’ question to Mary, why was Mary weeping? This woman loved Jesus to the last, even death did not change that love. She was not looking for the risen Christ, her interest was the dead body, yet she called the dead body ‘my Lord’; ‘they have taken my Lord away, and I don’t know where they kept Him.’ Mary felt victimized and self pity was overcoming her; they accused my Lord, killed Him, now they have also taking His body away, and she wept from the depths of her powerlessness to defend her Lord. This is the kind of powerlessness and weeping that we show when strong and wicked people and event deal with us, we weep and sigh because there’s nothing else we can do, we can’t even talk let alone fighting back. Jesus is asking you, ‘why are you weeping?’ It is not over, the enemy have not won, the problem has not defeated you, darkness has not conquered and can never conquer. Stop weeping, wake up from that depression, stop using the language of a victim, stop that self pity, you are not a loser. The enemy wants you to weep, to be broken and to give up, do not allow that to happen. Tap into the divine power and authority, tap into the power that rolled the stone. If you believe in the Risen Christ, you are a Victor, the empty tomb is not a reason to weep but a reason to celebrate. May every emptiness, challenges, fears, battles in your life lead you to celebration, May all your trials and tests lead to triumph and testimonies through Christ the Risen Lord. Amen

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