Bishop Harvey “Can’t Afford To Put All Eggs In Tourism Basket” Harvey “Can’t Afford To Put All Eggs In Tourism Basket”

Roman Catholic Bishop, Clyde Harvey, says that the Church will be working closely with Government in assisting towards ensuring that the country emerges successfully from the economic challenges currently being presented by the Novel COVID-19 virus.

Pointing out that this virus would not evaporate from the world anytime soon, Bishop Harvey says that he has made a commitment in the consciousness of the greater importance of food security in difficult periods like these.

Speaking following mass at the Sacred Heart Church in Petit Martinique, the Bishop, says that there must be lessons to be learnt from the manner in which the Tourism sector in this country collapsed because of the effects of the disease.

“Grenada cannot afford to put all its eggs in a tourism basket which can collapse like that, so I have made a personal commitment as Bishop that we would work in certain cells, especially in a deeper consciousness in the area of food security.
“That is very, very important and we would work on that as the months move on.” said the Bishop.

Complementing the Government on its handling of the pandemic, Bishop Harvey, said that “thank God our Government recognizes the importance of working together and not fighting against each other.”
According to Bishop Harvey, the Government has done a marvellous job thus far and says that he is further impressed “With their frank and truthfulness in the handling of the issue they honesty in dealing with the churches.” He further reiterated that the country looks beyond the tourism product and to finds other ways of sustaining itself.

“Everyone, Government, Churches, People need to asked themselves what can I do to better prepare for the Hurricane and lessons learnt from the passage of Hurricane Ivan must be learnt in dealing with the Coronavirus.” Pointed out, Bishop Harvey.

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