Church Resumes With Bishop On Sister Isles Resumes With Bishop On Sister Isles

Emmanuel – God is with us — that’s the spiritual platform on which Bishop of the Roman Catholic, Clyde Harvey, is calling on Parishioners of the sister isles to put their faith and trust during this challenging period of COVID-19.
The Bishop conducted service at the Bogles, Hillsborough, Windward and Petit Martinique Churches over the course of last Saturday and Sunday.
They all opened their doors while adhering to the various health and COVID-19 safety protocols as mandated health Authorities.

A high level of commitment and adherence to the rules were at the sacred heart church in Petit Martinique. Members of the congregation wore their mask, six feet distance was identified in the isle and between the chairs on the outside.

There were marks representing one person to a pew while hand sanitizer, tissue and the rules governing the service prominently placed at the entrance of the church. There were no greeting of the peace and pilgrims kept their distance while placing the collection in the box at the front of the altar.

The Bishop told the few members of the congregation that this is a period when they should draw even closer to God. He reminded them that God is the only one who has all of the answers and have the solution to any problem.

Now that there are rules governing the operation of church services including where senior members of the community are not allowed to attend, the Bishop told those present that they must return home to preach the message and good news of Christ from the sermon to those in their household.

“Whereas before you had four persons from one household coming to church now it might be one.
“therefore that person now has to take the message back home to the rest of the family.” He pointed out.

Speaking after the service, he said that he is extremely proud of the members of the Catholic faith in a manner which they have respected and responded to the various requirements as part of the safety protocols.
“What I have seen in Carriacou and Petit Martinique has been exemplary.” said the Bishop. He is hoping that this would lead to a deepening of people’s commitment to their catholic faith and what communion is.
“Communion is not just what you receive but what you live.” He pointed out.

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