Coping With Lockdown With Lockdown

By Cheryl Kirton

Covid-19 has really turned the world upside down, forcing governments the world over to implement strict regulations to control the movement of persons.  Grenada is no exception.  As a retiree, I do not find it difficult to remain at home according to the restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Health, but I must admit that the mere fact of the lockdown had a psychological effect, making me become quite lethargic for a few days.

Fortunately, I live in an area where it is possible to be outside, to take a walk, to exercise, to enjoy the scenery and to bask in some of the most beautiful days of the year so far. It is ironic that while we are having such beautiful weather, there is a deadly virus out there.

The presence and closeness of the Church has made the period much more tolerable. Many thanks to the bishop, priests and GNCC for allowing us the opportunity to share in the celebration of Mass. Particularly moving was the Mass celebrated by Bishop Harvey for those who died and were buried in the last few weeks since the restrictions were imposed. I was able to attend that Mass and I really hope that many family members of the deceased were able to participate. I’m sure it would have brought them much comfort. 

I continue to take life one day at a time, confident that by God’s grace, this too will pass.

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