Shepherd’s Voice Lent 2019

IT’S LENT AGAIN! “It seems like just the other day that I was in Church for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.”  Without Carnival to warn you, Lent just creeps up on you. We have to take personal responsibility for our awareness and practice of Lent. This year we join the three Lenten disciplines – PRAYER, ALMSGIVING, FASTING – to our three diocesan watchwords – LIVE CHURCH, BUILD COMMUNITY, SERVE COUNTRY.  We cannot hope to make our watchwords real and true unless we become people of prayer, generosity and self-denial.  [...]

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“Beach wid de Bish”

What constitutes a good beach ‘lime’? Nice weather, great food and good company. Last Sunday certainly had all the ingredients. Branded ‘Beach wid de Bish’, the event sounded, if I dare say, almost too casual to be Catholic.  The event was created as an opportunity for people to fellowship with the newly ordained bishop in a more relaxed atmosphere. [...]

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Vespers – Church of St. Mark the Evangelist

My attendance at the evening prayers or “Vespers” at the Church of St. Mark, the Evangelist, Victoria, on July 27, was quite memorable.

You see, Father Harvey, a man whose writings I had closely followed in the Catholic News through the years, and a man of great spiritual fervour was going to take the oath of allegiance, in preparation to be ordained the fifth bishop of this diocese, on that very evening in the said church.  [...]

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The Dignity of Old Age

One of the lessons I can take from the ordination of Bishop Clyde Martin Harvey, is the dignity of old age. I use the term “old age” unapologetically, for there is nothing belittling about it.  There is nothing shameful about it, as perhaps suggested by popular media, and the promotion and celebration of youth culture.  [...]

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Greetings from Fr. Isidore Clarke.  Recently I told you about the poor chap who came  asking for my prayers. He had a good Grenadian accent -before being thrown into the local river.  Surprise! Surprise! He surfaced with a posh accent.  His mates ridiculed him; he felt an outsider.  He came seeking my prayers that he be cured of his posh accent! [...]

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Carnival, Crop-Over, Culture

Many of the islands of the Caribbean celebrate Carnival at some time in the year..  The Carnival festival that was a prelude to the penitential season of Lent was transported to the Caribbean by the European slave traders. They excluded the African slaves from the festival and had lavish masquerade balls. On emancipation the freed African slaves of the Caribbean transformed the European festival forever into a celebration of the end of slavery. [...]

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Editorial: Profession of Faith and Oath of Allegiance

The visit of Bishop Clyde Harvey to the crypt of the cathedral and the ceremony at St. Mark’s where he made his profession of faith and oath of allegiance, have a significance that we must not overlook. At the crypt Bishop Clyde prayed for his predecessor bishops remembering Bishop Field, Bishop Webster and Bishop Darius. He prayed for the priests, religious and lay people who worked for the Church and have gone to their eternal reward and for Bishop Emeritus Charles who is still happily with us. [...]

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A time of hope and change

Grenada, in a short while from now your Bishop Elect will be ordained right here.  He said he is ‘strong enough’ to carry you.  Do you want to stay in the tomb of the past or are you ready to rise to new beginnings? Your Bishop is coming to you with loving kindness.  Meet him with loving kindness.  He wants ‘to make known to Grenada and all creation the LOVING KINDNESS of the heart of our God’.  He is coming to you with a big heart of love imitating the heart of Jesus that is ‘gentle and kind’.  [...]

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