Spiritual Preparation.

Spiritual Preparation.

  Clyde Martin, Bishop-Elect
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I have asked the Lord that this ordination may be a deep spiritual experience for all of us.…

Every situation you face in these days can draw you closer to God, to love more truly our brothers and sisters. This requires spiritual preparation.  You have already received the prayer for your new bishop.   Pray it every day.  Take some time to add each day a prayer of your own – for the diocese.  Sit quietly in the presence of the Lord and speak to God about your hopes for our church.  You do not have the solutions.  I do not have the solutions.  We together, beginning with that quiet openness which allows the Spirit to flow, can be God’s instruments for the renewal of Church and nation. May Mary, conceived without sin, who’s Rosary we should pray every day, intercede for us at this time and beyond.

 257,    20  Aug  2017 ,   Catholic Focus

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