Fr. Clyde making his profession of faith before  Bishop Gabriel Malzaire Fr. Clyde making his profession of faith before Bishop Gabriel Malzaire

Vespers – Church of St. Mark the Evangelist

  Therese Ettiene
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My attendance at the evening prayers or “Vespers” at the Church of St. Mark, the Evangelist, Victoria, on July 27, was quite memorable.

You see, Father Harvey, a man whose writings I had closely followed in the Catholic News through the years, and a man of great spiritual fervour was going to take the oath of allegiance, in preparation to be ordained the fifth bishop of this diocese, on that very evening in the said church. 

Well, I was not too sure what the oath of allegiance was, and I later discovered a possible reason for my ignorance.  Sister Julie Peters (SSM), in her remarks explained that this oath, which was a necessary part of the preparation for all bishops generally took place in private. Nevertheless, here was Father Harvey making this oath among the people.  I felt that this spoke volumes, indicating the kind of leadership he would give – truly one that would be people-focused.

The mood set by the harmonious renditions of the choir was pensive; the western sun, in the approaching twilight, cast a radiant glow on the church. For me, it was a bit surreal. Father Harvey too, had a glow – one, I thought was a glow of grace.

I remember too, the provocative homily given by Agar Alexander, in particular his call for us to (1) learn the faith (2) love the faith and (3) live the faith.  I also remember Sr. Julie Peters’ candid sharing of Grenadian realities: that we are a people of resistance and resilience – resistance and resilience provide good soil for evangelisation.

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