Demons have levels, imagine this demon terrorising the disciples. The disciples might have been dealing with other demons but this one was too stubborn, they have tried everything but no way. The father of the possessed boy was disappointed; his son was in a very wretched state, Jesus was also disappointed with the disciples, and fortunately He settled the matter. I just wonder what would have happened if He didn’t…Keep Reading

An address by the Bishop of St. George’s-in Grenada, Most Rev. Clyde Martin Harvey, as we continue to face the Coronavirus Pandemic

Brothers and sisters, people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, over the past days reports have been circulating about people gathering in close groups, not observing the physical distancing requested of us, people partying as if these are normal times. The two-day public celebration of Carnival has been cancelled in Grenada, as in some of our sister islands, but there are those among us who seem intent on celebrating as…Keep Reading


Week 18 in Ordinary Time. Matthew 16:24-28 Jesus came into this world for a serious business. Whatever made Him to leave His Throne must be something very serious. He didn’t come for a show. He is equally inviting us to discover the seriousness of His mission and to be part of it. Renouncing oneself is one of the greatest task, he who conquers himself can conquer the world. The mission…Keep Reading

The Transfiguration of the Lord – Feast

DAZZLING WHITE! Dn7. 9-14, 2Pt1.16-19, Matthew 17.1-9 The word dazzling best describes the experience of the Transfiguration. It is experience that is better encountered than described. In the first reading, Daniel tried to describe this kind of transfiguring experience just as Peter tried to describe their own on the mountain. Dazzling means extreme, astonishing, incomparable, excitement, highly impressive and overpowering. A dazzling light instead of making you to see, blinds…Keep Reading


Week 14 in Ordinary Time Matthew 10.7-15 Jesus gave important instructions to His disciples; proclaim the kingdom, cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out the demons. These were the very things Jesus Himself did while on earth. A Christian is another Christ. We have been given the mission to proclaim the kingdom of God, healing, raising the dead, casting out devils. He added, ‘give without…Keep Reading


Week 14 in Ordinary Time. Matthew 10.1-7 A little girl was given permission by the teacher to go home, when the teacher realized there was an error, she tried to call the girl back but the little girl said, permission is permission, I’m not coming back. Authority is more than permission. Jesus gave His disciples authority over unclean spirits, with power to cast them out. This gift of authority and…Keep Reading


Week 14 in Ordinary Time. Matthew 9.27-33 The most touching statement in this passage is that Jesus felt sorry for the people. He was very sensitive to the need of the world around Him. He was able to observe that the people were harassed and confused like sheep without shepherd. Despite the insult He received from the ungrateful and jealous Pharisees, He was more concerned and moved by sympathy. He…Keep Reading

Bishop Clyde Martin Harvey Celebrates 44 years of Priesthood

Today, June 27, 2020, Carlos, Christian and Clyde celebrate 44 years of priesthood.. This year I am spending it quietly at the Marian Shrine at Battle Hill. We did not recognise it then, but it was also the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Both Christian and I went on to serve OLPH as Parish Priest. That parish taught me a lot and shaped my priesthood in significant ways….Keep Reading


Week 18 in Ordinary Time (Saint John Mary Vianney), Priest. Matthew 15.1-2,10-14 This is one of the most difficult things to do; questioning the traditions of the elders is almost a taboo. And, sometimes people remain in bondage because they don’t want to break the tradition, and if you do, you are held responsible for anything evil whether connected or not, that happens in the community. According to the disciples…Keep Reading


Wk 9 Ordinary Time Mark 12.13-17 Sometimes we interpret giving to Caesar what belongs to him and to God what belongs to Him to mean that Caesar and God are competing. Caesar was a mortal man, as of now, no one knows where he is, no one can give him anything now. Meanwhile, we still give God what belongs to Him. Job realized this truth when he said, ‘naked I…Keep Reading

Bishop Clyde Martin Harvey Expresses Solidarity with African Americans

Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of St. George’s in Grenada Bishop Clyde Martin HarveyExpresses Solidarity with African Americans. Listen to me message by clicking this link.


7th week of Eastertide. John 21.20-25 This final statement of St John’s gospel is very important for those who insist that everything must explicitly be stated in the Scriptures. St John made it clear that if all that Jesus did were to be written down, the whole world cannot contain the book. The irony is that those who insist that everything must be written refuse to see that the same…Keep Reading